Don Marti

Fri 03 Oct 2014 09:39:46 AM PDT

All right, have some links.

These were making the rounds in April and May, but worth a look if you missed them the first time.

Sam Harris: Author, neuroscientist, philosopher.: The Path Between Pseudo-Spirituality and Pseudo-Science

italovignoli: Old unaccessible documents, rejoice!

Elizaveta Naumov, Marketing Manager, TextMaster: Is SEO Actually Improving your Writing?

Mark Suster: How to Make Better Reference Calls

abdel ibrahim: How to make money from Spotify by streaming silence

John Naughton: Eisenhower's military-industrial warning rings truer than ever

PyTux: Why Go is elegant and makes my code elegant

Sherwood Neiss, Crowdfund Capital Advisors: The New York Times thinks only the rich should profit from crowdfunding

Matthew O'Brien: Everything You Need to Know About High-Frequency Trading

jackfranklin: Passwords are Obsolete — Medium

michaelochurch: 3 mean-spirited HR policies that can kill a tech company.

matej: Current State of the Distributed Issue Tracking

Geoff Shullenberger: Volunteerism, Deskilling, and Profit at Coursera

Cooper Quintin and Peter Eckersley and Yan Zhu: Help EFF Test Privacy Badger, Our New Tool to Stop Creepy Online Tracking

Adam Tanner, Contributor: Federal Healthcare Web Sites Are More Big Brother Than The Kremlin

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