Don Marti

Sat 25 Jul 2015 07:14:40 AM PDT

Web advertising link dump

In case you missed these the first time.

Corey Weiner: The Real Victims of Ad Fraud Might Surprise You

Mark Duffy: Copyranter: Native advertising is killing ad creativity (via Digiday)

Michael Sebastian: Publishers Stare Down an 'Oh Sh*t' Mobile Moment

cks: Web ads considered as a security exposure

Alex Kantrowitz: Tensions Run High as Advertisers, Publishers Discuss Fraud at IAB Meeting

Sell! Sell!: Advertisers Are Like Prison Cafeteria Cooks

Hacker News: The Law of Shitty Clickthroughs

Alex Kantrowitz: Ad Tech's Rough Ride on Wall Street Continues With Latest IPO

Mathew: Thoughts on media business models

jbat: A Few Questions For Publishers Contemplating Facebook As A Platform

Brendon Lynch: An update on Microsoft’s approach to Do Not Track

MediaPost | RTB Insider: How Agencies Can Win The Battle Against Ad-Tech Companies

Sell! Sell!: TellUsYourStoryItis

BOB HOFFMAN: Bob's Keynote To NAB Radio Show

Christian Sandvig: The Facebook “It’s Not Our Fault” Study

John Herrman: Notes on the Surrender at Menlo Park

Jason Kint, CEO—DCN: Bad Ads: Research Shows They May Cost More Than They’re Worth

Ken Doctor: Newsonomics: Razor-thin profits are cutting into newspapers’ chances at innovation

BOB HOFFMAN: Take The Refrigerator Test

Owen Williams: You should be using these browser extensions to keep yourself safe online

Alex Kantrowitz: Inside Google's Secret War Against Ad Fraud (via Google Online Security Blog)

Jack Marshall: Major Advertisers Are Still Funding Online Piracy

Friedrich Geiger: Facebook Like Button Lands German Sites in Hot Water

Monica Chew: Tracking Protection for Firefox at Web 2.0 Security and Privacy 2015

Research Team—DCN: Content Pirates and Ad Hijackers Earn $200 million a Year

MediaPost | Online Media Daily: Useful Vs. Creepy: The Jury Is Still Out

Internal exile: Quantifying quislings

Cog Blog: Contracts and Enquiries; Rebates and Dark Pools

Rick Waghorn: Wall Street and it’s minions set their sights on a media futures market where the hedge funds get to play with advertising’s future. Cost + Complexity = Collapse

Frederic Lardinois: Chrome Now Automatically Pauses Flash Content That Isn’t ‘Central’ To A Web Page

Baldur Bjarnason: iOS 9 content blocking extensions are not a mobile advertising armageddon

Massimo: The Problem With Targeting

Alex Hern: I read all the small print on the internet and it made me want to die

Mark Duffy: Copyranter: It’s time to kill Cannes

Joshua Benton: How big a deal will adblocking on iPhones and iPads be for publishers?

Martin Beck: Snapchat CEO Promises Better, Non-“Creepy” Digital Advertising

SamuelScott: The Alleged $7.5 Billion Fraud in Online Advertising

SC Magazine: Study: Click-fraud malware often leads to more dire infections

Reuters: Business News: Ad executives cautious about growth, gear up for contract battle

Eric Picard: Fixing online advertising's privacy woes

Mark Duffy: Copyranter: Everybody’s definition of ‘branded content’ is wrong

Deeplinks: XKeyscore Exposé Reaffirms the Need to Rid the Web of Tracking Cookies (via WhiteHat Security Blog)

Mindi Chahal: Consumers are ‘dirtying’ databases with false details

Dean Takahashi: Facebook’s planned customer-data change called ‘land grab’ by publishers (via Marketing Land » Marketing Day)

Jason Cooper, Integral Ad Science: Mobile advertisers need a cookie-crumb trail to follow

Jim Edwards: I used the software that people are worrying will destroy the web — and now I think they might be right

The Tech Block: Google’s ad system has become too big to control

Frédéric Filloux: News Sites Are Fatter and Slower Than Ever (via Digital Content Next)

Alexander Hanff: Why CTO’s should enforce adblocking on their networks

David Barton: Should Parents Adblock to Protect Kids?

Google Security PR: More Visible Protection Against Unwanted Software (via Marketing Land » Marketing Day)

yan: lessons from the ad blocker trenches

Ben Thompson: Why Web Pages Suck

Felix Salmon: Ad tech is killing the online experience (via CMO Today)

Meenaskshi Mittal: Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and Digital Ad Leaders Announce New Program to Block Fraudulent Data Center Traffic

Darren: The “oh shit” moment for the web