Don Marti

Thu 21 May 2009 09:10:53 AM PDT

MLP for Memorial Day weekend

Linux-based MiFi gets a fan at the New York Times.

Two computers in heavy use at Crosstown Community Center. One is LiveKiosk, the other is Webconverger. Both seem to work fine, although one doesn't have Adobe Flash set up.

People really hate telemarketers.

Carole Rylander explains "Crafting Your 30-second Elevator Conversation."

Some Notes on Distributed Key Stores by Leonard Lin.

"The Defense Information Systems Agency asked technology companies on Wednesday for ideas on how to build an e-mail defense system on the perimeter of its networks that can scan 50 million inbound messages a day to catch spam, viruses and cyberattacks." In other news, the Ottoman Empire is looking for contractors to update the Medina city wall.

Got a screensaver password? Toddler accidentally buys $15,600 digger on auction site