Don Marti

Tue 18 Aug 2009 05:49:11 PM PDT

MLP: 1998

Where were you in 1998? Gabriella Coleman calls it a "pivotal year."

Another story from OpenSource World: Drizzle for Christmas. (Looks like the main news out of the conference was that Dell doesn't see more returns on Linux netbooks.)

Melinda Kendall: Optimism and advice on events during the recession

Jeremy Reimer explains how he ditched his old word processor for Wikidom. See also this ahead-of-the-curve 2005 piece from Steve Gillmor: What, you say, no word processor?

(I wonder if some of the PR people who are currently using the word processor/attachment model might like EtherPad.)

Greg K-H announces VME bus support for Linux. Yes, that's the bus that a bunch of military and aerospace projects use, so if you're keeping a "Linux vs. patent trolls" scorecard, go ahead and put the Military-Industrial Complex® in the Linux column, if it wasn't there already.

Also from Greg: a useful script to look at the installed hardware and build just the modules you need.

Is this a Pidgin bug?

Just a bad stock photo choice or preparation for something more ambitious?