Don Marti

Fri 01 May 2009 11:35:12 AM PDT

It's the first of May, the first of May...

Yes, I'm listening to that Jonathan Coulton song. Time to close the browser tabs and go outside. (And the coffee place is out of scones today...coincidence?)

Bruce Perens: A Cyber-Attack on an American City. "I hope those responsible for emergency services, be they in business or government, are learning the lessons of Morgan Hill. The first lesson is what stayed up: stand-alone radio systems and not much else."

Are the spammers the good guys here? "Each week, Chinese Internet users receive 10 million e-mail messages and 70 million instant messages from the consortium."

moot wins, Time Inc. loses (the other loser: ReCAPTCHA.) Next time, write your own image labeling CAPTCHA—you could tag your whole archives with the griefer labor required to pwn one poll.

Al Giordano: How “The NAFTA Flu” Exploded "Smithfield Farms Fled US Environmental Laws to Open a Gigantic Pig Farm in Mexico, and All We Got Was this Lousy Swine Flu."

Red Hat getting the open source message out to the US federal government: Federal IT on a Budget Forum.

More hinky stuff to filter out of user-submitted data: JavaScript for hackers.

Yet another Git tutorial, this one from Charles Duan. Good explanation of rebasing.

IPC::ShareLite -- Perl module to do SysV IPC.