Don Marti

Sat 13 Jun 2009 07:53:57 AM PDT

Truck prank

This is a story I heard from a guy whose friend was one of the pranksters. And you're reading it on the Internet right now, so it must be 100% true. I made up the name and left out the location, though.

Jake had a job on a tree-trimming crew, cutting back a long stretch of trees along a utility right of way. All the guys in the crew would show up in their own trucks and work their way down, trimming trees as they went.

One day, Jake showed up with a brand-new compact pickup. He started bragging on the great gas mileage he got, and how much money he was saving, so the rest of the crew decided to have some fun with him. They had gas cans handy, so it was easy to pour a litte gas in Jake's tank when he wasn't looking. Naturally, Jake's bragging got more and more intense. "You can't believe how long it's been since I had to put gas in this truck."

When Jake bought the truck, there was a problem with the weather stripping on the passenger door, and the dealer didn't have the right piece of rubber. When they got it in, they called Jake, and he took the truck in to get it replaced for free. The truck wasn't scheduled for any other work, just the one little piece of rubber. But the next day, when Jake brought the truck back to work, the other guys started siphoning a little gas out every day.

When Jake noticed, he took the truck back to the dealer, demanding to know what they changed. But they didn't change anything. But Jake didn't believe them. He took it back a couple of times, but when he first complained about it to the rest of the tree-trimming crew, someone started laughing, and they all cracked up, so they had to tell him.