Don Marti

Thu 22 Nov 2012 06:46:37 AM PST

Where do you stand on software patents?

Where do you stand on software patents?

If you have a bunch of notebooks and half-working code full of software ideas, and you're willing to spew software ideas at anyone who hands you a whiteboard marker or buys you a cool beverage (but you can't afford a lawyer) you're probably against software patents.

If your office has lawyers like other people's offices have mice, and you find yourself sending lawyers out for coffee just to get them out of your hair (but all your software ideas are something like "there should be an app for this") then you're probably for software patents.

I don't think that either side of the debate understands the feelings of scarcity and abundance on the other side. "Lawyers, sure, no problem, we've got plenty, put them to work." or "Software ideas? Here are some, implement them, please, they're distracting me from my real project."

Bonus link: Timothy B. Lee on Social Distance and the Patent System.