Don Marti

Wed 23 Nov 2011 08:11:04 AM PST

Little Android phone, why so sad?

Oh, that is too bad. All those other phones are getting dressed up and accessorized for the big Christmas party, and you have nothing to wear.

I know, it's not your fault you're not a perfect size four. Yes, I know size 4S is the same size, so they can wear each other's stuff.

It is too bad some people don't even look at you because of all the nice things that those other phones can wear. Yes, I know you have many good points on the inside.

Yes, I even looked at Fry's for you. Lots to wear, but nothing in your size. I'm sorry.

No, I don't know what to do either. But I'll post this on the Internet and maybe the nice Internet people can help.

Or maybe the Googlers will come up with some standard Android sizes, so that more accessory makers will be able to make nice things for you to wear.

Yes, I'll still take you to the Christmas party.

No, I won't take you off "silent" this year.

I don't think folks on the Internet will help you unless you mention which little Android phone you have. :)
Comment by Anonymous Wed 23 Nov 2011 09:03:56 PM PST
...also. Isn't this exactly why we all got so excited and bought and built MakerBots at the local Hack Lab. MakerBots which we almost all not used since testing them and making sure they work?
Comment by Anonymous Wed 23 Nov 2011 09:05:10 PM PST
This one is an HTC Aria, but the accessories problem applies to pretty much all Android phones. I always see the best accessories for that other phone.
Comment by dmarti Thu 24 Nov 2011 04:38:03 PM PST