Don Marti

Tue 16 Dec 2008 02:23:53 PM PST

Disclosure page

updated 17 Feb 2009

(This is a page where I disclose relevant business relationships. The plan is that I'll link to this page from pages where I mention a company that I have a business relationship with. This allows me to give other people grief about not disclosing their business relationships without looking like a total ass. This means you, "Association for Competitive Technology.")

Coraid: I first got interested in ATA over Ethernet as an editor in 2005, when Ed Cashin contributed the driver to kernel version 2.6.11 and I asked him to write an article about it. I have been running into Ed and other Coraid people at Linux events including LinuxWorld Conference and Expo and SCALE, and also booked Ed as a speaker for FreedomHEC. I'm now doing some contract work for the company.

Google: A major sponsor of FreedomHEC.

IDG: Parent company of OpenSource World.

No Starch Press: Connection TK. This company is looking for books on freedom-loving topics, among other things, and does have a LaTeX-based workflow available to authors who want to use it. They're willing to publish books under a Free license if the author chooses.

OpenSource World: (that's OpenSource as one word with StudlyCaps, then a space, then World.) An IDG World Expo event, formerly LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. I am Conference Chair for the 2009 event. Looking for freedom-loving people to speak, exhibit, run a BoF, whatever. Of course, mail me if you need something else fixed or changed. (No, we can't change the name to "SCALE North.")

Your Name Here: Let's talk.