Don Marti

Wed 16 Nov 2005 08:04:00 PM PST

Saving the Net

Doc, thank you for Saving the Net.

But our side has a problem.

We blog among ourselves, but we don't send letters to Congress.

If bloggers won't fire up the word processor, it's time to bring the letter-writing machinery to the blog software.

I did a proof of concept (polite phrase for "crap-ass hack that happens to work for") of a Blosxom "flavour" that turns any entry into a letter to my Rep. in Congress: congress.tar.gz

(Yes, I've been using it for a while.)

Use your member of Congress' local address, not the jammed-up-still-searching-everything-for-anthrax DC address.

(Oh, and pre-address and pre-stamp a bunch of envelopes, so you just have to blog, hit "letter", print, sign, fold, and seal.)

I got a nice letter back from Rep. Stark about the DMCRA, too. This does work. Repeat: This does work.