Don Marti

Wed 27 Jul 2005 09:31:25 PM PDT

GSFTV Project news

(I messed up my .procmailrc and got a project announcement from the Future. I think it's fixed now.)

First of all, exa-congrats to Jen on her big news. Just in case you've been living under a rock, she'll be playing HMO Inspector Ryan on Altria/NBC's "Code Pink". For those of you who now need to write Lt. Albright out of your scripts, Fred has put together a summary page of his favorite Albright death, promotion, subsumption into alien entity, upload to artificial intelligence, and wedding scenes at /~fredr/summaries/bye-albright. A tip of the cortical interface cap to Lt. Albright, wherever she may be, and break a leg, Jen!

Before you read too much further, if you haven't already please check the new footage page and get those BitTorrents going. Remember, blessed art they who leave their clients going overnight after the download's done.

Please, forum users, don't post links to any "mash-ups" that include any non-Creative Commons footage or other material, even one note from a song! Meg will be putting in code in the forums to check this but just please don't risk the whole project for a cheap laugh.

OK, now for the big event. The "you ever notice how all alien planets look like Steve's friend's place in the desert outside Palm Springs effect" (YENHAAPLLSFPINDOPSE) is officially history. Mo H, Frank, Angie, and JT are back from Costa Rica with lots of trip notes and more important, new footage -- 100% of queue! Yes! (Maria did repaint the door of her landing craft to match Steve's. Thanks to the nit-pickers on the continuity forum.) Check out the Costa Rica Shoot Board for details.

From the "the ship's in trouble, shake the camera!" department, Alan and the control room team took advantage of the Costa Rica break to get the new control room set, based on Marc's design, all wired up and running. Angie and JT are 25% of the way through re-shooting the Canonical Control Room Scenes already. No rest for the weary, and of course no garage for Alan's van. (Can you mix old and new control room scenes in one show? Course you can. Have a look at Fred's "Devil and the Deep Black Hole" on the February shows page.)

The Engine Room set is still "homeless" so the Engine Room scene queue is closed until further notice. Sorry, folks. If you have a new home for the set please join the Engine Room forum and speak up!. Meanwhile, if you can rewrite your scenes for another space on the ship please do it, or better yet, try the voice-over queue.

That's it for this week. See you on the forums, and don't take any starch-polymer zorkmids!

Upcoming events

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GSFTV BoF at South by Southwest: March 18

Second Annual Big Landing Party Shoot at South by Southwest: March 19 (see last week's newsletter and the BLPS forum for your chance to get that "landing party getting their orders and leaving the ship" scene you need to finish your show!)

Best Of GSFTV screening at South by Southwest: March 20 (voting is CLOSED!)

Render Farm workshop at AlaCon: March 23. *

Costume workshop at AlaCon: March 24. *

Writing workshop: March 30-31, Community Arts Center, Portland, OR. *

Crew Safety at Steve's in Palm Springs: April 2-3. (This is required BEFORE you sign up for any other crew class. Vegetarians and anything-else-besides-cows-atarians, if you plan to attend the cookout, please put a comment in the form when you sign up.) *

Copyright and Trademark Safety online in #gsftv-training: April 7 and 14 (This is required BEFORE you sign up for any writing, pre, post, or admin classes, and also required to submit art or writing to any queue.) *