Don Marti

Wed 25 Jan 2006 09:41:50 PM PST

Google and privacy

I don't mind logging in to Google to use personalized services because I'm OK with their privacy (and DMCA) policies. But I'm still security-sensitive enough that I don't want them linking all my searches to my Google account.

So I brought a lawsuit for an antitrust breakup of Google. No, wait, that doesn't work.

But how to use logged-in features and at the same time do a not-tied-to-me search? Compromise: set things up so that a "gg" search in the address bar goes to an privacy-izer, but actually going to the Google site keeps the cookies and stuff in effect: gg script. Google does some...interesting...things in JavaScript on those "plain HTML" pages.

The China censorship thing still gives me the heebie-jeebies, though. (1f u r 1n cn & w@n7 2 s3@rc# 6006|_3 m@il m3 4 s33kr17 skr1p7 url!!!)