Don Marti

Thu 11 May 2006 07:59:02 PM PDT

Arrrr, man! Here be groovy zero-day warez!

Finally, an argument for DRM that's actually about DRM and not about hippies, hackers, or pirates. (Or hippie hacker pirates.)

Solveig Singleton does miss the biggest point though, so I'll wear down a little more carpal tunnel tissue making it again.

Bits are not just product. DRMing bits does not just affect commerce.

Bits can also be higher forms of expression, such as political speech. Copying the bits that make up the political speech of others is sometimes required in order to make more political speech.

DRMing those bits is unaccountable privatized regulation of something that's there's a powerful public interest in making free.

Example: Could the documentary "Outfoxed" have been made in an all-DRM world?