Don Marti

Tue 17 Jan 2006 05:29:11 PM PST

Reopening the spotlight section, anyone?

One of my favorite parts of Burn All GIFs was the "Spotlight on GIF-Free Sites" section. It grew slowly but continuously.

Now that the infamous GIF Patent has expired, and gd does GIFs again, it seems like there's no longer a need for Burn All GIFs.

But we still have a software patent problem, and the Burn All GIFs home page has a PageRank (which is patented (but defensively, Larry Page told me)) of 8. (Do "blink" tags still work?)

Anyway, I'm thinking about re-opening the "spotlight" section—but cranking it up a notch, to include sites that have audio or video and are free of patent-required formats. I have a pristine computer to check them on.

Comments? Suggested sites? Mail me.