Don Marti

Fri 07 Oct 2005 10:32:06 PM PDT

Hooray for David "The more you think about it, the uglier DRM gets" Berlind.


The DRM problem is bigger than just making everyone buy new entertainment devices or pay for songs twice, though. And it's not about contracts, either.

The most important content to make fair use of is the content whose copyright is held by people you have an adversarial relationship with.

Remember the Arnold Schwarzenegger interview in Oui?

Someone who is going to run for Governor in 25 years is giving an interview today. Will it be legal to make a Fair Use excerpt from it?

Let's not trivialize the DRM problem by making it just a consumer issue. It's a speech issue. DRM attacks all communications and archival systems. It isn't just the equivalent of getting your CDs stolen and having to buy new copies.