Don Marti

Thu 01 Nov 2012 06:35:05 AM PDT

The next big thing in advertising?

Andy Nairn: Wake up to sleep marketing! The average Briton spends 36% of their time sleeping. And yet dinosaur agencies still spend less than 1% of their budgets on interrupting people while they snooze. (Must be getting harder to write these parodies—real advertising is showing up in all the silly places before the parody writers can get to them.)

On the serious side, here's a promising new Firefox addon from Edward Lee: about:trackers. This proof-of-concept explores a policy of blocking cookies and connections when a site would have been able to track you across too many other sites. More info: Controlling what Firefox reveals to social networks.

Bonus links...

Erin Griffith on "insanely ineffective" online advertising: We’re Still Waiting For Internet Ad Spend To Catch Up to the Web–Let’s Not Make The Same Mistake With Mobile (via PandoDaily)

Terry Heaton: Banners, the turd in digital media’s punchbowl Banner ad systems and networks are supposed to function like print advertising in that they “surround” what must be scarce content in order for them to “work.” The problem is they don’t work, primarily because nobody sees them. This was proven by Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen (banner blindness) nearly ten years ago, but it didn’t stop publishers from staking everything on banners. (and an alternative: When advertising enters the stream)

Scott Meyer: It's Time for the Mobile-Ad Industry to Start Taking Privacy Seriously.

Todd Garland: Engineers: Stop running away from advertising. (The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks. -- Jeff Hammerbacher)