Don Marti

Thu 18 Sep 2008 03:56:17 PM PDT

Excerpt from the RLPP FAQ

  1. Who are you guys?

  2. Realistic Linux Pilot Projects LLC helps you, the IT customer, get a better deal from your proprietary software vendors by establishing a credible Linux Threat Profile® at your company.

  3. A better deal?

  4. Sure. Microsoft has a $50 million slush fund called EDGI for the education market alone. When someone throws money at you, catch it!

  5. If all I want to do is make vendors think I'm considering Linux, why can't I just buy some Linux CDs and books and leave them lying around?

  6. Proprietary software vendors are on to that. Before offering you the Secret Anything-But-Linux Discount, the proprietary software sales rep needs to document the existence of a legitimate Linux threat.

  7. How will the project you do create a "legitimate Linux threat" if we're just using you guys to get a discount?

  8. We will identify genuine business needs at your company that can be addressed with Linux or other existing Free Software, and develop a real solution. Our consultants, drawn from the lists of proven contributors to relevant projects, will develop functionality relevant to your company and publish it.

  9. How do you bill?

Our billing is calculated to maximize Linux Threat Profile® at minimum cost to you. Based on your needs, we set up an initial retainer, and bill against it until your discount needs from your proprietary software vendor are met.

We bill under different names, which also appear on our consultants' business cards, so only your company's key decision makers need to know that you are using Realistic Linux Pilot Projects LLC.

  1. What if I actually want to use the results of the Linux project you do?

  2. It's all yours. As part of our Linux Threat Profile® maximization process, we release all code and documentation we develop under the appropriate Free Software/Open Source license.

RLPP consultants are available for follow-up engagements and employment by our clients. Unlike other consulting organizations, we place no limitations on our non-management employees' subsequent careers with you, if you choose to interview them for permanent positions.