Don Marti

Wed 12 Oct 2005 01:15:28 PM PDT

It's all about the laptop.

The 451 Group is doing a new report on Building a Case for the Mobile Enterprise Laptop as a Permanent Desktop Replacement.

This is not news—I've been using a laptop as my main work machine for six years—but judging by the state of the security setups on a lot of people's laptops I see, it seems like most of the security industry hasn't caught up.

Discussion on the conspire list, and a "from the editor".

Anyway, I hope the 451 Group report will raise some concerns about how we're handling security on all those wandering laptops.

(And I think Andy Oram is on to something here and it's more important than the InnoDB thing.)

Neal Stephenson's Zodiac is back in print, and I'd better be sure not to re-read it, or I'll get back on my crazy idea of commuting Alameda-Redwood City by boat. Off to sit in traffic.