Don Marti

Mon 11 Jun 2012 05:58:01 PM PDT

IE 10 User? We can help!

Thanks for visiting Wired. We've noticed you've opted out of data collection for web sites such as ours. Thank you! The move away from intrusive, complex tracking means that we have to concentrate on producing quality content that attracts informative, meaningful advertising. If we fell back into the trap of trendy Big Data and clickbait slideshows, our business model would break down quickly, and we'd be back to the bad old days when online commanded lower revenue per user contact hour than print.

Won't you please stick with your decision, and keep our management from going ga-ga for bubbly user-tracking stunts again, so that we can keep paying writers, photographers, artists and editors a fair rate, and keep the creepy tracking intermediaries out of the ad business?

Keep on Being Awesome

(This is a corrected version of the dialog from John Battelle's post here.)