Don Marti

Sun 17 Apr 2005 08:33:50 PM PDT

Fun with numbers

Once upon a time, was the leading maker of trebuchets, but the trebuchet market, though large, was shrinking steadily. Meanwhile,'s newly reintroduced CP/M machines weren't selling well either, because software companies had already stopped supporting CP/M when killed the product last time. has not actually sold any CP/M machines since reintroducing them, and competition is driving down the price of trebuchets, the company's cash cow.

The problem: how to make look good in a press release -- especially, how to hide the fact that no CP/M machines actually sold? The answer: strike a deal with a paper clip factory to start selling paper clips under the brand name, and count each one as a "unit".

Now everything looks hunky-dory, because can say:

OK, this is silly, but some people actually get paid to do something like it.