Don Marti

Fri 21 Feb 2014 08:48:50 AM PST

Five more questions on ad fraud

Just saw The Five Questions That Will Eliminate Ad Fraud. I'm not sure if those will do it. How about five more?

Since adtech is based on the idea of cheating writers using computers, is anyone surprised that someone came up with the idea of cheating adtech using computers?

Can you seriously expect any site that lives by ripping off other people's content to be completely honest with its ad networks?

Since adtech intermediaries make money from fraud just as they do on other ads, can you expect them to take fraud seriously, or just give conference talks about it?

Because IAB is run by and for the Big Data intermediaries who make money from fraud, do legit advertisers and content sites need an independent organization?

How can improving privacy protections for users make online ads more valuable?

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