Don Marti

Wed 21 Sep 2005 05:59:50 PM PDT

New job for me

"SpikeSource, a provider of open source software testing, certification and support, announced today that Don Marti has joined the company."

Why would I leave off being an editor to go work at a software company? Well, the big picture is that the main problem of both Computer Science research and the IT industry has been software quality. Every time someone tries to do more and better things with software, it doesn't quite work because the software that the innovation depends on isn't quite reliable enough. Then, you get the explosion of software creativity and productivity when the underlying software silently crosses the flaky/stable line.

So any improvement in software quality has the potential to set off a frenzy of value creation, network effects, productivity, and all that good stuff. Murugan Pal calls the SpikeSource approach participatory testing.

And, regarding the traffic impact, I found a carpool partner who was driving a much bigger vehicle than my VW, so put me down for minus a fraction of a car, thank you very much.

Comments enabled on, along with new work contact info.