[p2p-hackers] peertech quorum public offset 0000000 / janus wireless / alpine / feedbackfs

coderman coderman at gmail.com
Mon May 22 18:01:53 UTC 2006

i promised i'd have a site again once physical and info security
prerequisites were in place.

taken much longer than expected but better late than never...
(additional updates to follow in the coming weeks)


SHA2-512 digest of current peertech.pubkey.txt at offset 0000000:

B533C5F6 C306C60D 9723CC0D 6298692F
F207160B 4DE29A09 30A752F2 8B03906D
41B0B080 C07B3FFF D53A6B8D 4FA1D33D
E35483E7 DC7733BE 32F3D08F 815A5502

nonce: fb4c4864-2807fdd8-9a109cff-e1040055-01cba6eb-82f3925e-973b936a-47d38301

best regards,

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