[p2p-hackers] new way to access PC remotely

larytet.8753341 at bloglines.com larytet.8753341 at bloglines.com
Wed May 10 20:38:46 UTC 2006

i am working on Open Source alternative to PCAnywhere/GoToMyPC applications
with one interestign twist. i use idea of reverse proxy to access remote machines.

alpha is ready and working. in the current state proxy allows remote access
to the file system and command shell. Access to the command shell requires
JS in the browser and does not work stable. 

i am looking for alpha testers.
PC can be NATed and firewalled. Java 1.4 or better.  

guys, help me to
make this project useful. 

see goMyPlace.com  for installation instruction

see more on SourceForge http://larytet.sourceforge.net/goMyPlace.shtml

thank you.

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