[p2p-hackers] Real-world UPnP stats

Greg Rolan greg at capepaterson.com
Sun May 7 23:45:56 UTC 2006

Hi Alex,

Maybe I'm telling you something you already know, so forgive me if this 
is obvious to you - but it's recently new to me.  I've been using the 
sbbi-upnplib (www.sbbi.net) to provide uPnP support for our client and 
hit a problem whereby our office DSL router would return 200's etc. but 
would not actually map ports or return valid data for the external 
address etc.  This was odd as the software worked for other devices we 
had tested on.  After some debugging & tracing with the sbbi guy we 
solved the issue.

It turns out that this router advertises both an IP device and a PPP 
device, and while both devices advertise the requisite WAN services and 
respond correctly to the requests, it is only the PPP device that 
actually services the requests (and our code only used the IP device by 
default).  Depending on how you have coded the uPnP support this may be 
part of the issue.

Anyway, if this is new to you, I hope it helps.


> We've recently added UPnP support to our client software and
> now I got some server-side stats and they are most interesting.
> Check this out -
> Roughly a half of all clients that reported success talking to
> their 'routers' and establishing TCP/UDP port mappings were
> still inaccessible from an outside via their mapped ports.
> Our UPnP code is written from scratch, so if the client says that
> ports are mapped, there was in fact a 200 response for respective
> SOAP request from the router.
> I was expecting some degree of failures due to double NAT'ing,
> additional firewalling, etc .. but 50% ?
> Anyone care to comment or compare this to their own numbers ?
> Alex
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