[p2p-hackers] Corona

Ryan S. Peterson ryanp at cs.cornell.edu
Fri May 5 18:33:48 UTC 2006

Hi Wes,

Using XMPP as a standard chat/presence protocol would be great for 
something like Corona and pubsub in general.  The specific protocol used 
for sending updates to users is not central to Corona's operation, but 
having a standard, open protocol for sending updates to users could 
separate such systems from the limitations imposed by commercial chat 


Wes Felter wrote:
> Ryan S. Peterson wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We're writing to announce Corona, a new system that you can use
>> to monitor websites and RSS feeds through instant messages.
> What do you think about PubSub and syndication over XMPP?
> Wes Felter - wesley at felter.org
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