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Nice, something new! About time someone fixed RSS!


On 5/3/06, Ryan S. Peterson <ryanp at cs.cornell.edu> wrote:
> Hello,
> We're writing to announce Corona, a new system that you can use
> to monitor websites and RSS feeds through instant messages.
> Corona is a peer-to-peer publish-subscribe system for the web.
> You contact Corona via IM and tell it which web pages and RSS
> feeds you would like to track. Corona nodes periodically poll these
> web pages, determine if there are any updates, and send the updates
> to subscribers using short instant messages. You can use Corona to:
>      o monitor blogs: you will get IMs from Corona shortly after
>        your favorite blogs have new content.
>      o track data sources: get an IM whenever there are new
>        torrents posted to your favorite site, when new podcasts
>        are available, or when new stories get posted. You can
>        get to Slashdot stories before anyone else.
>      o keep up with news: subscribe to a news channel (eg CNN)
>        and have the day's breaking news delivered to you as they
>        happen.
> At its core, Corona employs hundreds of servers distributed
> geographically around the globe, builds a self-organizing
> overlay for event monitoring, and performs a distributed
> mathematical optimization to determine exactly how often
> to check each feed in order to achieve the lowest
> update latency given a bandwidth budget. The Corona website:
>      http://www.cs.cornell.edu/people/egs/beehive/corona/
> describes the inner workings of the system.
> To give it a try, simply add "CornellCorona" as your buddy in AIM,
> YIM, or MSN Messenger.  Send it the message "subscribe www.cnn.com CNN"
> to get started, or give it any other URL you'd like to monitor.  To send
> us feedback, type the word "feedback" followed by anything you'd like
> to tell us.  Type "help" for a complete list of what Corona can do.
> Corona is a non-commercial project. There are no ads and no malware or
> other software bundled with it; in fact, no software is installed on
> your machine at all. It's a totally free service we are running to
> showcase our research. We hope you find it as useful and addictive as
> we have.
> Thank you,
> Ryan Peterson & the Corona team
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