[p2p-hackers] Corona

Ryan S. Peterson ryanp at cs.cornell.edu
Wed May 3 21:10:39 UTC 2006


We're writing to announce Corona, a new system that you can use
to monitor websites and RSS feeds through instant messages.

Corona is a peer-to-peer publish-subscribe system for the web.
You contact Corona via IM and tell it which web pages and RSS
feeds you would like to track. Corona nodes periodically poll these
web pages, determine if there are any updates, and send the updates
to subscribers using short instant messages. You can use Corona to:
     o monitor blogs: you will get IMs from Corona shortly after
       your favorite blogs have new content.
     o track data sources: get an IM whenever there are new
       torrents posted to your favorite site, when new podcasts
       are available, or when new stories get posted. You can
       get to Slashdot stories before anyone else.
     o keep up with news: subscribe to a news channel (eg CNN)
       and have the day's breaking news delivered to you as they

At its core, Corona employs hundreds of servers distributed
geographically around the globe, builds a self-organizing
overlay for event monitoring, and performs a distributed
mathematical optimization to determine exactly how often
to check each feed in order to achieve the lowest
update latency given a bandwidth budget. The Corona website:
describes the inner workings of the system.

To give it a try, simply add "CornellCorona" as your buddy in AIM,
YIM, or MSN Messenger.  Send it the message "subscribe www.cnn.com CNN" 
to get started, or give it any other URL you'd like to monitor.  To send
us feedback, type the word "feedback" followed by anything you'd like
to tell us.  Type "help" for a complete list of what Corona can do.

Corona is a non-commercial project. There are no ads and no malware or
other software bundled with it; in fact, no software is installed on
your machine at all. It's a totally free service we are running to
showcase our research. We hope you find it as useful and addictive as
we have.

Thank you,
Ryan Peterson & the Corona team

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