[p2p-hackers] any job opportunities in P2P area?

Philip Matthews philip_matthews at magma.ca
Fri Mar 31 16:40:52 UTC 2006

[Sorry to be slow in replying, but I have been away and am just  
catching up on e-mail.]

Here at Avaya, we have both a specific product that is based on P2P  
(a P2P telephone system for small organizations), and Avaya Labs  
(which was
once a part of Bell Labs) which does more theoretical P2P research.

I am in the P2P product development organization, and I know we are  
though most of our positions are not P2P specific. I don't know the  
hiring situation
at the labs.

Note that most of our interest is in P2P for telephony, which is a  
bit different than P2P for file sharing.

You can either send me your resume, or go to www.avaya.com and submit  
it directly.

- Philip Matthews
   Senior Architect
   Peer-to-Peer Business Unit

On 16-Mar-06, at 2:43 , Hailong Cai wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Just want to know if anybody knows some companies (esp. big ones)  
> hiring people with P2P background?
> It seems difficult to find such positions since few big companies  
> do P2P development.  Thanks!
> -Hailong
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