Big hype on small worlds. (was Re: Dijjer and Freenet (RE: [p2p-hackers] clustering))

Ian Clarke ian at
Mon Mar 20 20:42:25 UTC 2006

On 20 Mar 2006, at 12:11, Bob Harris wrote:
> There is a lot of hype around small world networks. They have
> a catchy name. And they are easy to code up. But they have terrible
> performance.

It is rather courageous (or perhaps simply foolish) of you to dismiss  
an entire avenue of study so cavalierly, time will tell whether you  
are right.

>  Who wants O(log^2 N) performance?

It has already been pointed out that actual route lengths are far  
more important than the order of the route lengths in practical  
networks.  It has also been pointed out that O(log^2 N) performance  
presumes a fixed routing table size, where in most if not all  
practical deployments, routing table sizes are increased with the  
size of the network.

> Did I really see simulations talking about 40+ hops?

You might have, but I can't recall any such simulations mentioned in  
this thread.


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