Dijjer and Freenet (RE: [p2p-hackers] clustering)

Oskar Sandberg ossa at math.chalmers.se
Mon Mar 20 19:26:10 UTC 2006

coderman wrote:
> On 3/20/06, Serguei Osokine <Serguei.Osokine at efi.com> wrote:
>>On Monday, March 20, 2006 Oskar Sandberg wrote:
>>>Phase transitions are a very common phenomenon in the study of
>>>random graphs.
>>        Interesting. Is there any way to predict these things in
>>advance and stick to the networks that do not have this problem?
>>I mean, running the simulations with the number of nodes increasing
>>all the way into millions is not the best method of assuring the
>>future network operation. Among other things, your simulation might
>>simply miss the phase transition for whatever reason.
> anyone have further insight on predicting the distribution or nature
> of phase transitions in arbitrary graphs?  i haven't turned up any
> good papers, but i haven't looked that hard yet either.

Try this:


// oskar

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