Dijjer and Freenet (RE: [p2p-hackers] clustering)

Oskar Sandberg ossa at math.chalmers.se
Sun Mar 19 15:10:36 UTC 2006

Oskar Sandberg wrote:
> To put actual numbers to this, I did simulations of point to point 
> routes using the same algorithm that I think is being used in Dijjer 
> (the one described in my thesis, with 20 shortcuts, but without using 
> "local" links):
> 256000  12.572815
> 512000  15.743066

I let this simulation run further, and here are the results the next 

Run size: 1024000
(474 of 10000 successful: 0.0474)
(Mean Steps: 471.88397)

This means that the network with 20 links undergoes a phase transition 
between 500 thousand and one million nodes, after which it doesn't work 
at all (this behavior isn't surprising). So if the network should grow 
to over half a million nodes, you definitely need more than 20 edges 
(and caching won't help).

// oskar

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