[p2p-hackers] PhD in networked and distributed systems, Institut Eurecom

Pietro Michiardi Pietro.Michiardi at eurecom.fr
Wed Mar 8 18:47:59 UTC 2006

(Apologies for the previous barely readable posting)

PhD position opening
Networking and Security Dept. Institut Eurecom

The Networking and Security Department of Institut EURECOM  is seeking 
candidates with a background in networked and distributed systems.

Candidates should have a MsC in Computer Science and demonstrate 
exceptional research potential.

The successful candidate is expected to carry out research in an area 
related to peer-to-peer and content distribution systems; wireless and 
mobile systems (including ad hoc networking). Additional skills in 
cooperation issues in self-organizing systems would be a plus.

Candidates should also have experience in programming in C/C++; using 
MATLAB; network simulation environments (ns, glomosim, ...).

The position is available immediately. The selection process will begin 
immediately upon receipt of applications.
To apply, send resume, a motivation letter and e-mail addresses of at 
least one reference to: Pietro.Michiardi at eurecom.fr

Please, use the following subject: [EUR-CAS:PHD].
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