[p2p-hackers] clustering

Wes Felter wesley at felter.org
Wed Mar 8 03:55:26 UTC 2006

On Mar 7, 2006, at 4:46 AM, Jeff Rose wrote:

> Anyone out there doing work in clustering?  I'd be interested in  
> hearing what people are up to, or if you have pointers to good  
> papers that would be great too.  At this point I'm interested in  
> any angle, geographic distance based, semantic distance based,  
> hierarchical, non-hierarchical etc...  My goal is to work towards a  
> very amorphous clustering scheme that allows any kind of object to  
> be located close to relatives in the network as long as they share  
> a common distance function.

IIRC, OASIS uses some sophisticated clustering under the hood. http:// 

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