[p2p-hackers] Number of pinholes supported by low-end NATs?

Michael Rogers m.rogers at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Mar 3 15:42:29 UTC 2006

Hi Philip,

Gnutella ultrapeers usually have 32 connections to other ultrapeers and 
around the same number to leaf peers. I'd guess a lot of ultrapeers are 
behind domestic NATs but I don't know how you'd find out for sure - 
maybe LimeWire collects some stats from its firewall detection logic?


Philip Matthews wrote:
> Does anyone have any idea how many pinholes a P2P application
> can have open at one time through a typical low-end NAT box?
> Could a P2P application maintain connections to 30 peers simultaneously?
> What about 50 peers? Or 100 peers?
> Do the numbers differ if the messages are carried over UDP vs TCP?
> (Note: My interest is in limitations in the NAT box, and NOT in any  
> limitations in
> the Windows, Mac, Linux, ... box on which the P2P application is  running.)
> Just wondering if anyone has any solid data in this area.
> - Philip
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