[p2p-hackers] NATs reconfiguring IPs and Port Numbers

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Fri Mar 3 03:08:30 UTC 2006

If your protocol supports IP address mobility (preferably with protection
against using that against an endpoint for session hijacking, and preferably
protecting that against replay as well), then existing peers wouldn't need
to "re-connect", they'd just be able to keep their connections up through
the change in address,... though you would want to re-determine your
external address/port so any new peers could connect to that. Conveniently,
knowledge that your address had undergone a mobility event would be exactly
how you'd know when you needed to do that re-determination.
I happen to have designed, published the specification for, and implemented
a protocol that does just this.
Matthew Kaufman
matthew at matthew.at


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It seems port numbers change after a certain amount of time due to the local
NAT or local ISP, and the peer to peer application has to re-configure
itself to find out what its new global address is...and broadcast that to
others so they can re-connect; does anyone know what the average time is a
port number is good for? I'm getting up to 24 hours testing through Comcast
and SBC; but i have to sleep so...i'm not sure on this number.

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