[p2p-hackers] connect(user,service)

K.S.Sreeram sreeram at tachyontech.net
Wed Jun 21 22:43:42 UTC 2006

Hi All!

I'm working on a server-less secure communication platform, which
provides a simple primitive.... 'connect(user,service)'
where users are identified by their RSA public keys.

So instead of using the standard 'connect(ip,port)' API, the
'connect(user,service)' API can be used for establishing connections.

This platform will make it possible for anybody to build user-to-user
communication applications. For instance, I've ported VNC to this
platform, which makes it possible to do the equivalent of
'vncviewer <user>'
instead of 'vncviewer <ip-address>'.

How it works:
- connect( user, service ) first uses a DHT to find the user's location
- then it will establish a TCP connection to that location
- if direct connection is not possible, it will use some third-party in
the network to establish a relayed connection
- after that it uses SSL to establish a secure channel.

(Note: no PKI is involved at all. Users need to manually exchange their
public keys before they can connect to each other)

The application is developed in Python, and I'm hoping to get the code
into an usable state really really soon.

I'm also keen to know if there are any other existing/on-going projects
which provide a similar server-less secure communication mechanism?

Any feedback/comments/questions welcome!!


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