[p2p-hackers] ICMP tunneling

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Tue Jun 20 21:16:17 UTC 2006

and you can do it just over dns:


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> > Alex (pankratov), do you have any experience with Hamachi on 
>this tip?
>No, not with Hamachi. Implementing ICMP tunneling on Windows 
>writing NDIS/IM driver or an equivalent and it is an absolutely 
>royal pain
>in the butt to support. In other words it is somewhat hard to 
>justify :)
>Travis Kalanick wrote:
>> Doing a bunch of traveling recently in Asia (adventures blogged 
>> http://blog.redswoosh.net <http://blog.redswoosh.net/>), I've 
>> myself in many situations where I've had to purchase wireless 
>> access, quite often at double or triple the prices seen in the 
>> Before paying however, I am almost always able to do a DNS look-
>up and 
>> sometimes even ping remote hosts, though normal Internet traffic 
>> port 80 (and various other ports) is blocked.
>> It got me to thinking about ICMP tunneling around these wireless 
>> booths" so I could travel Asia and even the states without 
>having to 
>> communicate over those popular ports that cost money to 
>communicate over.
>> Maybe something could be coded up to tunnel over ICMP to a proxy 
>> server (or proxy peer), that then translates communication back 
>to the 
>> intended protocol and port and forwards communication along.  It 
>> that at least theoretically, with raw sockets and promiscuous 
>> settings, even on Windows machines, this should be possible.
>> Anybody have experience with tunneling over this widespread, but 
>> forgotten protocol and port?  Could it also be useful for NAT 
>> traversal in extreme conditions?
>> Alex (pankratov), do you have any experience with Hamachi on 
>this tip?

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