[p2p-hackers] Real-world UPnP stats

David Barrett dbarrett at quinthar.com
Tue Jun 20 10:05:56 UTC 2006

Ah, ok.  I was thinking a multicast M-SEARCH *was* SSDP, but its just

Regardless, I wonder how far you could get just by just hard-coding the POST
URL to /upnp/service/WANIPConnection; is there some standard that mandates
that URL, or is it merely coincidence that all the NATs I've tested with
have it set this way?

Incidentally, what have you found works well for AddPortMapping?  Do you
wildcard RemoteHost and/or ExternalPort, or re-open specifically for each
intended peer?  

Perhaps I misunderstand, but it'd seem ExternalPort *must* be wildcarded for
the NAT to function (else two apps or machines would fight for the same
external mapping).  RemoteHost could be set explicitly each time, but that
would fill up the port-mapping table pretty quick for a P2P app.


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> David Barrett wrote:
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> >> David Barrett wrote:
> >>> On the topic of UPnP, does anyone have any advice on whether to use
> the
> >>> IUPnPNAT interface in Win32 versus going straight to the UPnP layer?
> >> Stay as far away from IUPnPNAT as possible. This bundle of joy tends
> >> to randomly fail perfectly valid requests with undocumented return
> >> codes. It also depends on SSDP service, which is frequently painted
> >> as a major security hole and therefore scares users off.
> >
> > Did you skip SSDP and just send UPnP requests straight to the gateway?
> This
> > seems reasonable, given that DHCP has already done all the hard work of
> > locating it.
> UPnP code in Hamachi does not rely on SSDP. It does its own UPnP device
> discovery (via multicasted M-SEARCH) and then communicates with whatever
> device that supports required functionality.
> IIRC discovery portion is required, because it's the way to get URL for
> UPnP/SOAP calls on the device. Merely assuming that DHCP server is the
> device does not give you much.
> Alex
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