[p2p-hackers] Real-world UPnP stats

Alex Pankratov ap at hamachi.cc
Tue Jun 20 04:45:24 UTC 2006

David Barrett wrote:
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>> From: Alex Pankratov
>> David Barrett wrote:
>>> On the topic of UPnP, does anyone have any advice on whether to use the
>>> IUPnPNAT interface in Win32 versus going straight to the UPnP layer?
>> Stay as far away from IUPnPNAT as possible. This bundle of joy tends
>> to randomly fail perfectly valid requests with undocumented return
>> codes. It also depends on SSDP service, which is frequently painted
>> as a major security hole and therefore scares users off.
> Did you skip SSDP and just send UPnP requests straight to the gateway?  This
> seems reasonable, given that DHCP has already done all the hard work of
> locating it.

UPnP code in Hamachi does not rely on SSDP. It does its own UPnP device
discovery (via multicasted M-SEARCH) and then communicates with whatever
device that supports required functionality.

IIRC discovery portion is required, because it's the way to get URL for
UPnP/SOAP calls on the device. Merely assuming that DHCP server is the
device does not give you much.


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