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JXTA-C/C++ is an open source project to provide a C/C++ implementation 
for JXTA protocol, on which we would like to build different language 
bindings. In fact, there has being a .NET binding since last release.

The project will soon make a 2.5 release, and we would like to invite 
more developers to join the project, or at lease be aware of such a 
project and knowing that JXTA is a protocol available in C/Java SE/Java 
ME which gives you broad choice on devices to run your P2P application 


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Community Members,

The next release of JXTA-C, 2.5 "Mahabaleshwar", is scheduled for June
20th, 2006. This release will contain the initial effort to reduce
number of threads created. That include thread pool, callback mode for
all listeners.  Of course, it also include various enhancements of the
JXTA-C platform.

A Beta test version of JXTA-C 2.5 is now available. This Beta test is
likely very close to what the final stable release will be. If you
have not been following CVS branch then now would be a very good time
to test the upcoming release with your applications.

This is a Beta release, it is possible (and perhaps likely) that bugs
still remain. It's critical that we find and fix those bugs before the
official final release. Your input is essential in this task!

How to get involved :

1. Build the beta from the CVS tag "JXTA_C_2_5_BETA" or download the
source package from:

2. Rebuild your applications with JXTA-C 2.5 Beta.

3. Test with your applications.

4. File bugs, propose patches, provide comments at
<mailto:discuss at jxta-c.jxta.org>

5. If you want to have interactive discussion, drop in MyJxta
chat-room with MyJxta2 application or #jxta channel on
irc.freenode.net with your favorite IRC client

The JXTA-C Release Team


Special thanks to all of the community members who have contributed
ideas, reported problems, provided patches, and have helped greatly to
improve the quality, and robustness of this release.

Particularly for this release:

- Eric Xu <mmx2005 at jxta.org>: Code review, various patches.

JXTA "Bug Day" Online Chat

On Thursday June 15th, 2006 from 7:30am to 12:30pm PDT
(2006-06-15T15:30-2006-06-15T20:30 UTC) the JXTA dev teams will be
participating in an online chat devoted to the upcoming JXTA-C, JXTA
J2ME (JXME) and JXTA Java SE releases.

If you are having problems with the beta releases, have questions for
the developers or just want to say hello and see what's happening please
stop by!

Connect via the myJXTA2 application which you can download from :


Or easier yet, just run it using Java Web Start from:


JXTA-C Online Chat

If you are having problems with the new release, have questions for
the developers or just want to stop by and see what's happening please
stop by!  Connect via the MyJxta2 application which you can download
from : http://download.jxta.org/build/release/latest/

Or easier yet, just run it using Java web start at:

In case you are having problem with MyJxta2, you can join #jxta at
irc.freenode.net, we would help you to get to MyJxta2.

New Features & Significant Changes

Please refer to http://wiki.java.net/bin/view/Jxta/JxtaCMahabaleshwar
for more details.

- Thread pool support
- jxta_log_callback function prototype changed

Downloading and Installing

You can download the dist tarball from:
or alternatively directly access CVS.

The instruction on how to build JXTA-C can be found at:

We are looking for people to maintain binary build for their favorite
OS, please let us know if you want to contribute.
<mailto:discuss at jxta-c.jxta.org>

Known incompatibilities between JXTA-C 2.5 and prior JXTA-C 2.x

- jxta_log_callback: If you provide your own jxta_log callback in your
   application, you will have to adapt the new prototype.

Issued Closed During JXTA-C 2.5
234   	DEFECT  P5   	don't replicate message back to ourselves
235 	ENHANC 	P3 	jxta_log_callback using string

Known issues in JXTA-C 2.5 Beta
246   	DEFECT  P2   	jxtaShell segment fault if the port specified is

                         in use

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