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Travis Kalanick travis at redswoosh.net
Fri Jun 16 16:06:01 UTC 2006

Doing a bunch of traveling recently in Asia (adventures blogged here:
http://blog.redswoosh.net <http://blog.redswoosh.net/> ), I've found myself
in many situations where I've had to purchase wireless Internet access,
quite often at double or triple the prices seen in the States.


Before paying however, I am almost always able to do a DNS look-up and
sometimes even ping remote hosts, though normal Internet traffic over port
80 (and various other ports) is blocked.


It got me to thinking about ICMP tunneling around these wireless "toll
booths" so I could travel Asia and even the states without having to
communicate over those popular ports that cost money to communicate over.


Maybe something could be coded up to tunnel over ICMP to a proxy server (or
proxy peer), that then translates communication back to the intended
protocol and port and forwards communication along.  It seems that at least
theoretically, with raw sockets and promiscuous settings, even on Windows
machines, this should be possible.


Anybody have experience with tunneling over this widespread, but often
forgotten protocol and port?  Could it also be useful for NAT traversal in
extreme conditions?  


Alex (pankratov), do you have any experience with Hamachi on this tip?





Travis Kalanick
Red Swoosh, Inc.

Blog - http://blog.redswoosh.net <http://blog.redswoosh.net/> 

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