[p2p-hackers] amicima updates

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Tue Jun 13 03:13:34 UTC 2006

Originally sent on May 21st, resending now that it looks like the list is
back online...

Just an update from us here at amicima:

 New releases of MObj, MFP, and MFPNet are up on the website at

  Summary of relevant updates to MObj, MFP, and MFPNet source code since our
    last release (more details are available in each component's CHANGES.txt

     1) We've taken advantage of the extensible keying framework we put
        in the default cryptographic plugin for MFP a few months back, and
        went ahead and added Diffie-Hellman key agreement, to provide
        perfect forward secrecy for MFP sessions.

	The old-style key agreement scheme, using public key encryption
	of secret keying data, is still available for backward
	but its use is deprecated. MFPNet enables the backward compatibility
	mode by default (sending both Diffie-Hellman and legacy keying when
	initiating sessions) but prefers the new style.

     2) All components have updated Makefiles for building Universal (PPC &
	Intel) libraries and binaries on Mac OS X.

     3) MFP includes an important fix for a bug that can cause a deadlock
	in certain circumstances, so this update is strongly recommended.

     4) MObj includes numerous small, non-serious bug fixes and some new

 And new releases of amiciPhone -- our secure P2P VoIP, text messaging, file
   transfer, photo sharing and live presence application that demonstrates
   MFP and MFPNet -- are available for Windows XP and Mac OS X, also on the

 And we're still hard at work on MFPGroup, which will let you build large
   self-organizing networks over which both DHT-like operations and
   efficient application-level multicast may be performed. More news about
   that once we've got something to demo.

Matthew Kaufman
matthew at matthew.at

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