[p2p-hackers] Codes for Error Correction in P2P Nets

Michael Parker mgp at ucla.edu
Tue Jan 31 19:19:42 UTC 2006

A very good overview of all network coding for the purposes of data 
distribution (i.e., making digital fountains) can be found at:


Some of the more interesting and practical codes, such as Raptor codes 
(discussed at the end of that paper), are covered by patents. Another 
network coding that is comparable to Raptor codes is Online codes. The 
following paper, by the creator of Online codes, presents an efficient 
algorithm for downloading large files using them:


IIRC, the creator of Online codes -- Petar Maymounkov -- started a 
company Rateless and was going to patent them. But Online codes fell 
into the scope of Digital Fountain's patents, who own the Raptor codes. 
So I don't know who owns the patents for Online codes anymore, but rest 
assured they're patented :(

- Mike

Quoting Nigini Oliveira <nigini at gmail.com>:

> Hello All.
> I'm researching these days on some kind of codes that helps the distribution
> of data at networks (Error Correcting Codes). I would like to know if
> someone have good references (digital in preference) about how the real
> systems implements these codes and related ideas. For example: How are the
> files divided in pices to be shared? And how the pices are rebuild togheter?
> Thanks.
> --
> Nigini Abilio Oliveira
> Mestrando em Computação
> www.nigini.com.br
> nigini at gmail.com
> nigini at dsc.ufcg.edu.br

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