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	In [1], the last paragraph of section 4.1 on page 7, they mention
similar odd behavior (highly connected leaves, non-responsive, and don't
forward queries).  Their footnote suggests that these nodes may be related
to the RIAA lawsuits, or some marketing campaign to watch consumer behavior.

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[1] http://www.cs.uoregon.edu/~reza/PUB/imc05.pdf

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hi,Daniel Stutzbach
	I measured the gnutella network recently, I find that some leaves
have large degree more than 1000, according the rfc of gnutella, which says
that one leaf need only connect to 2 or 4 ultra peers, so I wonder what
kinds of peer that have such a large number of ultra-peer parents? are they
really existing or just come testing nodes?

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