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Sat Dec 9 22:11:42 UTC 2006

necessary to some extent to have true privacy) it's similar to source
routing in many instances, however, from a privacy standpoint it has the
property that each forwarding node only knows their bit of the message's
path such that in order to see the source and destination, all hops along a
path must be owned by the adversary.  This can be invaluable in many

Chris Connelly

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> What's the advantage of onion routing? Onion routing (where the
> _messages_ hold their own routing information) and gnutella routing
> (where the _nodes_ hold routing tables tracking the messages) are both
> unable to recover from the loss of a single node in the routing chain.
> It seemed to me like JXTA had addressed this through their hybrid
> 'endpoint routing protocol' where a message could hold a list of desired
> hops, or it could simply hold its desired destination, and any node
> along the way could ask for additional route choices from a peer router.
> Wouldn't onion routing be a step backwards for JXTA?
> Mike.

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