[p2p-hackers] definitions of super node (peer) and oridnary node(peer)

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
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Having the concept of "super node" implies a hierarchical network.
I'd say that a "super node" is one that is selected (could be self-election
based on node capabilities, could be chosen from a central arbiter, could be
up to the user, could be some combination of the above) to take on more than
its own equal fraction of the computation, storage, or routing tasks in the
distributed network. A typical required capability is "accessible without
restriction from arbitrary other nodes" (so that it may be used as a
rendezvous point, for instance), and another typical metric is "has been up
for a while, as is expected to stay up for a while", but those aren't the
only ways to make the decision.
An "ordinary node" in a flat network is just like any other node, and in a
hierarchical network containing "super nodes" is one that has not been
selected to be such a "super node".
Matthew Kaufman
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Eunsoo Shim <eunsoo at research.panasonic.com> wrote: 


What would be good defintions of super node (peer) and ordinary node (peer)?
The definitions should not be specific to Skype or Kazaa but for more 
general cases.
Your input would be appreciated.

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