[p2p-hackers] Real-world UPnP stats

Alex Pankratov ap at hamachi.cc
Mon Apr 24 18:56:07 UTC 2006

We've recently added UPnP support to our client software and
now I got some server-side stats and they are most interesting.

Check this out -

Roughly a half of all clients that reported success talking to
their 'routers' and establishing TCP/UDP port mappings were
still inaccessible from an outside via their mapped ports.

Our UPnP code is written from scratch, so if the client says that
ports are mapped, there was in fact a 200 response for respective
SOAP request from the router.

I was expecting some degree of failures due to double NAT'ing,
additional firewalling, etc .. but 50% ?

Anyone care to comment or compare this to their own numbers ?


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