[p2p-hackers] Kerika: a new p2p collaboration system

Arun Kumar arun.kumar at kerika.com
Wed Apr 19 20:09:22 UTC 2006

Hi folks,

We are making Kerika available to the public as part of a wide beta 
testing program.  We like to call it the smarter alternative to email 
for sharing documents, ideas and projects within distributed teams.  The 
  application is written in Java and is supported for Windows and Macs 
at present; we will likely add Linux support in the future (we know it 
runs on Linux; just don't have the resources to properly test that 

Kerika uses the JXTA platform for its p2p connectivity.  It isn't pure 
p2p; we added what we call a "server assist": if you update a project or 
document that you are sharing with some buddies, some of whom happen to 
be offline at the moment, a "storage peer" at our data center stands in 
for your missing buddies.  When your buddies come back online, they can 
get any updates that they might otherwise have missed.

I would welcome feedback from everyone.  You can check out the software 
at www.kerika.com, in particular take a look at some of the many Flash 
demos at http://www.kerika.com/flash_demos.html.  Kerika is free at the 
moment; in the future it may be offered as a subscription service.

Arun Kumar

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