[p2p-hackers] Looking for papers about general resource sharing over p2p

Czigola Gabor czigola at elte.hu
Tue Apr 11 20:24:56 UTC 2006


I'm watching the list for weeks, but this is my first letter.

I'm involved in a small project, and we want to specify and implement a 
software for sharing resources (disk space, later cpu time) over a p2p 

My preceptions are:
 	- It should be scalable. It's not designed (but able) to work as a 
world-wide file-music-video sharing network. It should work as well in a 
home LAN as in a WAN.
 	- The network should be individual (per network) extensible on the 
software side (like for authentication or mounting the overall shared disk 
space etc.)
 	- Security, of course!
 	- It's not going to be ONE network. But you should be able to 
create your own one. My first guess was to take a public-private key pair, 
let the one be the ID of the network (like an IP address), and the other 
can be used as the ID of the network master. The network master should be 
able to scale his network, set security behavior, quota, or whatever.

How can it be used:
 	- The Tb of unused disk space in office computers could be shared 
together, and those computers could work at the same time like an NFS 
server, without affecting the normal behavior of the involved computers 
 	- File server without a server
 	- Framework for using unused resources

So, my question now is not "How to do it?", figuring this out is my (our) 
job (but it is not impossible, that I will ask later more questions), but:

I'm looking for papers, documentation etc. of other p2p networks with 
similar goals. I'm sure that I'm not the first one with the idea.


Czigola, Gabor

(ps: I'm not a native English speaker, if something looks funny in the 
text, it's not a typo, it's a deficit of my knowledge.)

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